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Le Rituel

With quality raw materials and elements with organic formulation, Le Rituel was meticulously developed through studies and research, to bring to the consumer the best in the market of products for beauty, health, and well-being and with the value that fits in your pocket!

The Le Rituel product line arose from the need that Brazilian businesswoman Elaine Martins offered, to offer clients of the Elaine Esthetics clinic, quality home care products, and effective results, so that her clients could continue the treatments offered at the clinic, in the comfort of home, thus complementing the aesthetic and health protocols in everyday life.

The result is a complete line of products formulated with the best ingredients on the market, which provide health and beauty from the inside out and which today serve not only the customers of the clinic located in the US state of Massachusetts but also the general public through online sales.

Welcome to Le Rituel: your daily health, beauty, and wellness routine!

Le Rituel

With years of experience in aesthetics and a beauty, health, and well-being enthusiast, Brazilian businesswoman Elaine Martins, owner of the Elaine Esthetics clinic and CEO of the Le Rituel brand, decided to invest in a line of health and beauty products that would facilitate the day-to-day of people in their daily care with beauty and, consequently, self-esteem.

Married, mother of two, and successful entrepreneur, Elaine realized that maintaining a healthy daily routine and self-care was not just a challenge for her, but common to a large part of the world’s population.

Along with this finding, she realized that clients who continued the treatments performed at the clinic at home had even more satisfactory and effective results.

This is how the Le Rituel line of products was born to bring you the very best, providing health and beauty from the inside out.

Elaine Martins